CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger includes the following components:
- Graphical Windows application that views and converts 3D models across different CAD formats;
- Command Line application that enables massive or background translation of files;
- Software Development Kit (SDK) which is a set of C/C++ libraries that software vendors can integrate into their applications in order to support a CAD format of interest.
GUI and Command Line components can be freely downloaded and evaluated. For SDK evaluation please contact us at info@cadexchanger.com.
CAD Exchanger architecture


-    Robustness to missing or incorrect data (e.g. reconstruction of 3D or 2D surface boundaries in the case of missing or inconsistent representations);
-    Translation of geometry and attributes (colors, names, layers, materials, etc);
-    User-defined options to customize import and export;
-    Use of multi-threaded algorithms to increase performance on multi-core systems (e.g. computation of triangulation);
-    Availability in different flavors - GUI, command line, SDK;
-    Ease of use.


CAD Exchanger Beta version is available for free download here.


Thank you very much for making CAD Exchanger, it has been extremely useful for sharing CAD files with colleagues and various subcontractors...
Miloš Komarčević (Setred)