CAD Exchanger is a product family aimed to help CAD/CAM/CAE professionals in a well known yet challenging problem – 3D CAD data conversion.

Supported formats currently include IGES, STEP, ACIS-SAT, JT, Parasolid-XT, STL, VRML, X3D and BRep. Try evaluation version now!

December 29, 2014. CAD Exchanger 2.5.3 is available
While we are working heads down on the version 3.0, we are happy to deliver a maintenance release 2.5.3 that includes a few improvements, enhancements and various bug fixes for computational meshers, ACIS, Parasolid, and JT formats. As always, the CHANGES file contains further details and the evaluation version can be downloaded here
August 31, 2014. CAD Exchanger 2.5.2 is available
Version 2.5.2 delivers improvements, enhancements and various bug fixes mainly for ACIS, Parasolid, and JT. Refer to the CHANGES file for details and try the evaluation version here.
May 13, 2014. Customer Success Story: FLOWTECH
FLOWTECH integrates CAD Exchanger to import complex ship hulls into its SHIPFLOW® application. Read the full story.
May 5, 2014. CAD Exchanger 2.5.1 is available
Version 2.5.1 features various enhancements and bug fixes across formats (ACIS, Parasolid, JT, etc). It also restores functioning on Windows XP which got broken in the previous version and affected a few evaluating users. Refer to the CHANGES file for details and try the eval version from here.
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I am very impressed with the software and use it extensively
for reading and converting iges & stp files
Harold Salt (Peak Associates) Read other quotes

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