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 March 17, 2015. CAD Exchanger showcased at Intel Software conference 2015
CAD Exchanger has been featured during an annual conference held by Intel Corporation in Russia. The CAD Exchanger software has been used as a case study of successful adoption of Intel® Parallel Studio XE, a software suite for parallel software development. Read more
December 29, 2014.CAD Exchanger 2.5.3 is available
While we are working heads down on the version 3.0, we are happy to deliver a maintenance release 2.5.3 that includes a few improvements, enhancements and various bug fixes for computational meshers, ACIS, Parasolid, and JT formats. As always, the CHANGES file contains further details and the evaluation version can be downloaded here
August 31, 2014. CAD Exchanger 2.5.2 is available
Version 2.5.2 deliveres improvements, enhancements and various bug fixes mainly for ACIS, Parasolid, and JT. Refer to the CHANGES file for details and try the evaluation version here.
May 13, 2014. Customer Success Story: FLOWTECH
FLOWTECH integrates CAD Exchanger to import complex ship hulls into its SHIPFLOW® application. Read the full story.
May 5, 2014. CAD Exchanger 2.5.1 is available
Version 2.5.1 features various enhancements and bug fixes across formats (ACIS, Parasolid, JT, etc). It also restores functioning on Windows XP which got broken in the previous version and affected a few evaluating users. Refer to the CHANGES file for details and try the eval version from here.
April 4, 2014. Customer Success Story: Vectorcam
CAD Exchanger SDK helps Vectorcam to expand interoperability of its flagship CNC programming system. Read the full story.
February 7, 2014. CAD Exchanger 2.5.0 is available
Version 2.5.0 delivers support of multiple new configurations (Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012, ACIS R24, etc) along with various enhancements and fixes across all components. Details can be found in the CHANGES  file and the eval version can be downloaded from here.
December 8, 2013. CAD Exchanger 2.4.3 is available
Version 2.4.3 features support of Parasolid versions up to v25, addresses particular configurations in ACIS, Parasolid and JT formats, as well as several improvements in GUI reported by users. Check the CHANGES file and try the evaluation version.
September 15, 2013. Customer Success Story: GCAS Incorporated
GCAS chooses CAD Exchanger to streamline the importing of STEP geometry and creating the Computational Mesh. Read the full story.
July 29, 2013. CAD Exchanger 2.4.2 is available
Version 2.4.2 includes enhancements across multiple formats - new types support in ACIS and Parasolid, performance improvements in Parasolid, productized support of JT, etc. Refer to the CHANGES file and try the evaluation version.
April 2, 2013. Customer Success Story: Formtec
FORMTEC integrates CAD Exchanger SDK to validate milling toolpaths. Read the full story.
Mar 27, 2013. CAD Exchanger 2.4.1 is available
Version 2.4.1 delivers various improvements in ACIS, IGES, JT, Parasolid formats support. It also features SDK enhancements such as progress bar support. As usual, the CHANGES file contains a detailed list. Check out the latest evaluation version.
Nov 26, 2012. CAD Exchanger 2.4.0 is available
After a few intense private Beta releases, version 2.4 is here! It features improved JT support (including export of both B-Rep and tessellations), performance and footprint improvements in computational meshers, and a few enhancements in other formats.  Refer to CHANGES for details and download the latest evaluation version.
Aug 7, 2012. CAD Exchanger 2.3.3 is available
Version 2.3.3 introduces public support for JT B-Rep export, support for Parasolid up to version 24, a few enhancements in IGES, as well as various GUI and SDK improvements.  Check the CHANGES file and download the evaluation version.
June 7, 2012. CAD Exchanger 2.3.2 is available
Version 2.3.2 is a maintenance release, which provides several improvements and bug fixes in ACIS and Parasolid formats, as well delivers public Beta for JT format (import only). Check the CHANGES file and download the evaluation version.
April 19, 2012. Introducing JT format support
CAD Exchanger 2.4.0 Beta adds initial support for the JT file format (the most recent version JT 9.x). Access will initially be provided to selected prospects, and after some time it will be open to public. If you are interested in evaluation please contact us at info@cadexchanger.com.
February 27, 2012. CAD Exchanger 2.3.1 is available
Version 2.3.1 is a maintenance releases that delivers several enhancements and corrections that improve IGES, STEP, ACIS, Parasolid and STL formats. Consult the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page for evaluation version.
January 24, 2012. Customer Success Story: Simlab Soft
Simlab Soft uses CAD Exchanger SDK to leverage its Simlab Composer. Read the full story.
December 15, 2011. CAD Exchanger 2.3 is available
After a few public Betas, final version 2.3 is here delivering 64 bit support, enhancements in IGES, STEP and ACIS formats as well as better Linux support in SDK. Consult the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page for evaluation version.
October 17, 2011. CAD Exchanger 2.3 Beta3 is available
Beta3 is primarily focused on SDK changes, including support for Visual Studio 2010, refactored code examples, more detailed documentation, etc. Among common enhancements are improvements in the computational meshers which can now process non-manifold shapes with shared faces. Check the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page.
August 24, 2011. CAD Exchanger 2.3 Beta2 is available
After several months of hard work, we are happy to release version 2.3 Beta2, which is a public Beta release previewing the major feature of the future 2.3 release - support of computational meshes. See this forum post for some details and get the release at the download page.
June 13, 2011. CAD Exchanger 2.2.2 is available
Version 2.2.2 is a maintenance release that includes various fixes and support of particular geometric configurations in ACIS, Parasolid, VRML, and other formats. Check the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page.
May 14, 2011. CAD Exchanger 2.2.1 is available
Version 2.2.1 adds support of names in VRML and X3D formats, extension of SDK API to work with stream objects as well as various other enhancements and bug fixes. Check the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page.
May 9, 2011. Customer Success Story: REX Controls
REX Controls chooses CAD Exchanger to broaden a set of supported 3D formats in its embedded systems. Read the full story.
April 9, 2011. CAD Exchanger 2.2 is available
Version 2.2 features support of Parasolid binary format, improved X3D export and several other enhancements. Check the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page.
March 28, 2011. Customer Success Story: cadwork
cadwork integrates CAD Exchanger SDK into its Lexocad application to seamlessly convert customer 3D data. Read the full story.
March 12, 2011. CAD Exchanger 2.1 is available
Version 2.1 mainly addresses feedback received during the public beta period, in particular improvements in ACIS and Parasolid converters. Please visit the download page to get access. To get a license key for CLI or evaluate SDK please contact us at info@cadexchanger.com.
February 7, 2011. CAD Exchanger 2.1 Beta is available
Version 2.1 pre-release is now available for public beta. V2.1 features Parasolid-XT export support, color support in VRML and X3D formats, numerous user-requested enhancements in GUI and much more. Check the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page. Let us know your feedback shortly so that we could address it before the production release which we hope to deliver within a few weeks.
January 21, 2011. Looking for beta users for Parasolid-XT exporter
CAD Exchanger 2.1 will deliver support of Parasolid-XT export. As always, we would like to give a chance to early adopters to try a new functionality and report their feedback before the product launch. Beta program should start in 2-3 weeks and will last for about a month. If you are interested to test this and other exciting functionalities, let us know at info@cadexchanger.com.
December 28, 2010. Version 2.1 features preview
As we continue to work towards the next version 2.1, let us give you a brief overview of what it will deliver. Check out this forum post.
November 25, 2010. Customer Success Story: Setred
Setred adopts CAD Exchanger to solve design interchange problems with its partners and subcontractors. Read the full story.
November 23, 2010. CAD Exchanger 2.0.2 is available
Version 2.0.2 is a maintenance release delivering improvements and bug fixes over v2.0. It also features Parasolid-XT importer (currently as Technology Preview) with addressed feedback from an Invitational Beta program. Please consult the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page to get the release.
October 26, 2010. CAD Exchanger 2.0.2 Beta is available
This version introduces Parasolid-XT importer. We decided to follow an effective approach used for ACIS-SAT by first proposing it to Beta customers and addressing their feedback. If you would like to join the Invitational Beta, drop us an email at info@cadexchanger.com. Public release should become available later this quarter or early 2011.
September 16, 2010. Customer Success Story: 4 Logic
4 Logic uses CAD Exchanger GUI to streamline its mechanical design projects. 4 Logic engineers use CAD Exchanger GUI to convert input parts from IGES, STEP and other formats into the ACIS-SAT format which is native for AutoCAD. Read the full story.
September 12, 2010. CAD Exchanger 2.0.1 is available
Version 2.0.1 is a maintenance release featuring improvements and bug fixes over v2.0. Consult the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page to get the release.
August 26, 2010. Looking for beta users for Parasolid-XT importer
As we are working on finalization of reading Parasolid geometry into CAD Exchanger, we start preparing for a Beta program. Tentatively this should be end-September or early October. Support of Parasolid will enable conversion across even broader range of supported formats. If you are interested to be among the first to check out Parasolid-XT format, please let us know at info@cadexchanger.com.
June 30, 2010. CAD Exchanger 2.0 has arrived!
We are excited to announce availability of v2.0. Special thanks to enthusiastic users who reported remaining issues during the release cycle; most of them have been addressed in the final version. GUI and CLI can be directly downloaded. for evaluation. If you are interested in SDK, please drop us an email at info@cadexchanger.com.
June 20, 2010. CAD Exchanger 2.0 release candidate2 is available
RC2 is now available for download. It adds a few latest fixes (e.g. application start on systems without pre-installed Visual Studio run-times; potential crashes in VRML export) and enhancements (such as export of colors and names from STEP assemblies to ACIS-SAT). We are finalizing 2.0 releaseperforming last-minute polishing of Linux and MacOS specifics in SDK. Stay tuned!
June 14, 2010. CAD Exchanger 2.0 release candidate1 is available
Version 2.0 is to be released soon and meanwhile we are proud to present a release candidate 1. Version 2 features X3D support and is based on significantly redesigned and improved SDK, including its port to new OSes (Linux and Mac), broader use of multi-threading which significantly improves performance, better support of some ACIS entities and much more. GUI and CLI take all advantages of these improvements. Go ahead and try them today !
April 19, 2010. CAD Exchanger SDK goes Linux and MacOS
To meet several prospects requests we have undertaken efforts to port SDK (Software Development Kit), an underlying engine of CAD Exchanger, on additional operating systems. As of now, SDK is available on Windows, Linux and MacOS. If you are interested in evaluating SDK on these new OSes please contact us at info@cadexchanger.com. Ports of CLI (Command Line Interface) and GUI are not currently planned, in order to keep our efforts focused on new functionality, but let us know if you have serious needs in that.
March 28, 2010. Looking for beta testers for X3D format support
We are continuing to extend the set of supported formats, and are close to complete the first version of X3D (eXtensible 3D format, ISO19975) support. We are looking for a few pioneers who would be interested to try this out ahead of all other CAD Exchanger users, and be ready to provide feedback. We expect to deliver a first Beta version within a month or so. Pleasesend your requests to info@cadexchanger.com. As always, active users are welcomed!

January 9, 2010. CAD Exchanger Beta Update 2 is now available!
After individual Invitational Beta for ACIS-SAT support, we are glad to release public Beta Update2. Highlighted features: ACIS-SAT import and export (geometry and colors), Command Line mode and CAD Exchanger SDK. List of all changes is here. Go to download page to get the release. As usual, feedback is welcomed at info@cadexchanger.com or on the forum.

November 30, 2009. Invitational Beta for ACIS-SAT support is out!
ACIS-SAT import and export are now fully available for evaluation. To get immediate access please email us at info@cadexchanger.com. More details are on the forum. Public Beta will be made available early next year after addressing feedback from our most active users. Sign up now to get your voice heard !

July 20, 2009. CAD Exchanger Beta Update 1 is available
Beta Update 1 addresses feedback from Beta users as well as introduces several new features including VRML export, new display mode for surface models (triangulation), setting custom triangulation precision for better display and others. Check What's New for a full list and download the new version here.

June 19, 2009. CAD Exchanger ACIS translator performance demo on YouTube
CAD Exchanger ACIS translator is able to import ACIS-SAT files in parallel, taking full advantage of multi-core computers. See a live demo of an Alpha version performance test and comparison with another translator on YouTube. To evaluate the ACIS translator please contact us at info@cadexchanger.com.

April 6, 2009. CAD Exchanger Beta is out !
The product team is pleased to announce availability of the first Beta release of a new product to speed up translation of 3D models across multiple CAD file formats. Try it today!