Download evaluation version of CAD Exchanger GUI for Windows:
    - 32 bit version
    - 64 bit version
No license key or registration is required. For system requirements please refer to Release Notes, for a full list of changes please refer to the CHANGES file.
To evaluate CAD Exchanger Command Line Interface (CLI) or Software Development Kit (SDK) on Windows, Linux or Mac OS please contact us for further instructions. Please include key details about your potential needs, this will help us respond with additional information on how CAD Exchanger could help you.


Pricing information

For details on pricing and licensing please contact us.


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"Wow...great work. Congratulations."
Joachim Zettler, EADS

"I downloaded CadExchanger yesterday and am beginning to use it to export x3d files... Overall, I love it!"
Rebecca Robrecht, Cibola Creative

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